The tender for development of electronic medical cards is won for one rubleThe Rostelecom company has won the tender for development of an electronic medical record and services necessary for it, having suggested to perform work for 1 ruble, the Businessman reports.

On implementation of the program of information of the health care which purpose in particular is maintaining all medical documentation on computers and its storage in the general base to which all necessary experts as well in other medical institutions, 24 billion budget money are allocated will have access,

In the tender limited to a limit 83 million rubles, 6 companies participated, 5 from which have suggested to execute the project for the sums from 12 to 61 million. "Rostelecom" the suggested price in 1 ruble has left all competitors far behind. The winner promised to provide a finished product in 65 days.

As Alexander Gentsis, managing partner "Medlaynsofta" has commented on a situation to the Businessman, "Rostelecom" already has the ready decision for an objective.

Ministry of Health argues, as the other companies participating in competition, had the practices as work on creation of uniform state information system in health care (ЕГИСЗ) has begun 4 years ago.

Competitors of "Rostelecom" explain the unprecedented price offered by the company, its future benefit at a stage of introduction of the program in regions, as its services as the developer of the federal project, will use on places.

According to Ministry of Health, now electronic patient's records and medical records are kept less than in 10 % of medical institutions.

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