On the Internet there was a site for pure sexual partnersOn the Internet there was a site by means of which it is possible to check "purity" of the sexual partner if that, of course, there is registered, reports Remedium.

On a site x-registar.ru «The system of safe sex» can be registered any wishing. In site partner clinics (Invitro, Laboratory the XXI century, association Citylab, etc.) users make tests on STD. Negative results appear on their personal pages. Pages are closed from other visitors of a site, and to see data of the analysis of the specific person it is possible only having a personal code. Thus, the user can convincingly prove to the potential partner that is not the carrier of infections, sexually transmitted.

On a site it is possible to store information on negative analyses on HIV, syphilis, parenteralny hepatitises, a hlamidiya and a trichomoniasis.

The resource first of all will be demanded by representatives of sex business, and also simply the people conducting active and various sexual life.

The site does not propagandise refusal of classical ways of contraception and even warns that sex under the influence of various psychoactive means can lead to undesirable consequences in connection with condom misuse.

* On a photo a site screenshot x-registar.ru

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