New lighting in chamber will help to recover quicker thanThanks to new technology of the Philips company the patients being on treatment in hospital, will sleep more long and quicker to recover.

The science had long ago data that high illumination in in the afternoon days well influences restoration of a cycle and a biological rhythm of a dream and wakefulness at people.

The Philips company has developed new system of lighting Philips HealWell calculated for installation in hospital chambers. Regulate illumination level with its help can not only medical staff, but also the patient, without leaving a bed.

Know-how testing in the Medical centre of Maastricht university on focus group of 100 people within 9 months has shown: the patients cores who were in chambers, the equipped Philips HealWell system, slept for 8 % more long than who had a standard lighting, and then went on the amendment quicker.

However for final confirmation of improving effect of new system of lighting it is necessary to carry out additional researches still.


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