Americans stand up for bald Barbies releaseIn the USA mothers of the girls deprived of hair as a result of chemotherapy of a cancer, insist on release of a new, bald Barbie doll, writes MSNBC.

Activists have created Beautiful and Bald Barbie community in the social Facebook network in which have published the appeal to the company making popular dolls. Women explain the requirement desire to improve adaptation in society of girls, cancer patients, a trikhotillomaniya (when children pull out at themselves hair) or congenital baldness (alopetsiya). Bald dolls will be close to girls, and besides, will help healthy girls to perceive such anomaly better.

One of mothers activists, whose 12-year-old daughter suffers from chemotherapy consequences, worries that at her daughter point a finger, and other children ask, why it has no hair. The women who have organised community, feed hope that the bald doll will help to avoid similar situations.

Idea has supported Dinn Pledzh's (Deanna Pledge) children's psychologist, having declared that such dolls really would enjoy popularity and could bring considerable advantage to children.

From the moment of community creation at the end of December, more than 80 thousand people have joined it.

* the Photo from Beautiful and Bald Barbie community on Facebook

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