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The tender for development of electronic medical cards is won for one rubleThe Rostelecom company has won the tender for development of an electronic medical record and services necessary for it, having suggested to perform work for 1 ruble, the Businessman reports.

On implementation of the program of information of the health care which purpose in particular is maintaining all medical documentation on computers and its storage in the general base to which all necessary experts as well in other medical institutions, Continue reading

Americans stand up for bald Barbies releaseIn the USA mothers of the girls deprived of hair as a result of chemotherapy of a cancer, insist on release of a new, bald Barbie doll, writes MSNBC.

Activists have created Beautiful and Bald Barbie community in the social Facebook network in which have published the appeal to the company making popular dolls. Women explain the requirement desire to improve adaptation in society of girls, cancer patients, a trikhotillomaniya (when children pull Continue reading

On the Internet there was a site for pure sexual partnersOn the Internet there was a site by means of which it is possible to check "purity" of the sexual partner if that, of course, there is registered, reports Remedium.

On a site «The system of safe sex» can be registered any wishing. In site partner clinics (Invitro, Laboratory the XXI century, association Citylab, etc.) users make tests on STD. Negative results appear on their personal pages. Pages are closed from other visitors Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson pays penalties for illegal advance of an anti-psychoticThe American company Johnson & Johnson has been convicted of illegal advance of antipsychotic means "Risperdal" (active substance - рисперидон), reports BBC.

The Farmgigant sold medicine through Medicaid office (the program of rendering of medical care) in Texas, "sponsoring" the medical workers responsible for a choice of recommended preparations.

The authorities of staff have estimated the losses caused by the company, Continue reading

New lighting in chamber will help to recover quicker thanThanks to new technology of the Philips company the patients being on treatment in hospital, will sleep more long and quicker to recover.

The science had long ago data that high illumination in in the afternoon days well influences restoration of a cycle and a biological rhythm of a dream and wakefulness at people.

The Philips company has developed new system of lighting Philips HealWell calculated for installation in hospital chambers. Regulate Continue reading