We congratulate winners of competition of crossword puzzles No. 3!Dear friends!

Today we bring the next results of competition «The cleverest!»

Here answers to a crossword puzzle No. 3:


  1. Accessory of a man's suit from plants and flowers (buttonhole)
  2. The homesickness which has entitled the film of A.Tarkovsky (nostalgia)
  3. The mental disease which is showing in fear of open space (agoraphobia)
  4. Talisman, amulet (оберег)


  1. The name for the inflamed lymph node at plague (bubo)
  1. Name of children's writer Bartho which in a translation from Greek means "pure, pure" (Agny)
  2. Malicious smile (grin)
  3. Type of a mirror (pier glass)
  4. Russian national team game with a ball and a bat (lapta)
  5. Imagination, dream (dream)
  6. Grapes from the point of view of botany (berry)
  7. Gratuitous subsidy to the organisations or individuals on carrying out scientific or other researches (grant)
  8. Without it the railway (rail) is impossible
  9. Cultivated flower (phlox)
  10. Formula for decomposition for the separate sums of two variables composed to the whole non-negative degree, received a name of her founder - I.Nyyutona (binomial)
  11. Deity in the East Slavic mythology, connected with spring, the sun and fertility (Yarilo)
  12. Most "calming" from chemical elements of periodic system Mendeleyev (bromine)
  13. Probability of threat or losses (risk)
  14. Irreplaceable assistant actor (make-up)


We thank all active visitors of a site, with enthusiasm solved our crossword puzzle. And here names of three lucky to which good luck has smiled: NaKa, Tanusha, Unb76.

We congratulate! You became owners of gift certificates for 500 rubles from boutique "L'etual" or "Yves Rocher" (at your choice).
Check the personal messages on our site: instructions, when and where you can take away prize honest earned by the mind are already sent you!

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