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We finished competition of reader's stories in which we play iPad and iPhone.

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"I am 35 years old. I work in a farmproizvodstvo at an executive position.

Work responsible, nervous. Therefore problems with health - insomnia, headaches, weakness began to appear.

In recent time I have decided that with it it is necessary to do something, and that it is possible to undermine absolutely health (not to give up work which is pleasant).

It was necessary to find such method that also houses, and on work it was possible to use and support health and health.

For me in it the assistant became - respiratory gymnastics.

There are some its types - according to Buteyko, according to Strelnikova, the Chi kung, Yoga, Bodifleks, etc. They help the person not only to keep health and a physical shape, to feel surer, but also activate reserves of a human body for cheerfulness, immunity strengthenings and so forth. Also help with treatment of some diseases.

After I began to apply respiratory gymnastics, to me it became much simpler and easier in work. Problems with health have gradually left. By means of exercises I constantly support a tone of an organism and I feel perfectly. The main thing that I can carry out these exercises not only houses, but also in the office on work.

My council everything is at whom there is a possibility and desire, try. I, think, you will not regret. Certainly, to begin consult with experts (there can be contra-indications).

To all I wish good health, good luck and all benefits terrestrial".

"Iron lady.

Has taken in head to correct somehow here for me the sight, operative treatment and have not taken. Haemoglobin, speak at you very low - 49 everything, and it is necessary 120.

And instead of care of sight we will cause to you fast and in Botkin - to treat anaemia.

In Botkin I have lain three hours and have decided to leave, when have learnt that all that is necessary to me at my anaemia is a preparation of iron - one tablet in day.

Has come home in tears and a depression, and has decided to self-medicate seriously. Has registered to itself Sorbifer 2 tablets in day, vitamin tea from a dogrose with honey, instead of usual which well influences decrease in iron in blood and a meat diet. I will directly tell that till this day I neglected meat kitchen at all not because the vegetarian, and for economic reasons.

Thought, what the trifles, what difference chicken or beef? Now I know that meat is a main source of iron so necessary for life.

And shortage of iron is a desire to sit down on a small bench, having passed ten metres, constant drowsiness and emotional fieriness.

Not to mention external manifestations negatively influencing appearance - a hair loss and fragility of the nails, not in time grow even on millimetre.

And used by me long time because of ignorance of the reason of this illness, D3 Calcium Nikomed, could not cope with this task at all.

As has remembered one national recipe: Take apple, lard it nails and leave this fruit for the night, and eat in the morning. In a night there will be any reaction, and apple will be enriched with so necessary iron. Apples indeed had ferruterous smack.

Every morning in a current of two weeks I used this breakfast.

If I have addressed to doctors as early as possible, it is simple to check blood, probably, now did not suffer from sight fall.

I think that it is factors very much even are connected among themselves. Only a few weeks of such therapy and my haemoglobin has risen to 135! And in general, it is possible to save very much on mixtures, pills and doctors by good and healthy nutrition.

Love itself!"


"For participation in competition I have written the small rhyme telling about how I have decided "after 30" cardinally to change the life and, it would be desirable to trust, life of some other people. I is far not the poet (and I give myself in it the report)), but nevertheless tried - it would be desirable all to entertain something special, after all prosaic stories about human heroism at you and without me for certain suffice.

The verse is lower (and in investments - just in case):

Once upon a time there was in the usual city flat

The simple woman what there is a lot of in the world.

It erased, ironed, raised the daughter,

Tried to please the husband both day, and night.

Why to it to think about health?

Only one air of Moscow area

From time to time in summer heat

Gave it rest and rest.

By itself that after thirty

There were hummocks on its way:

Hair grew dull, teeth hurt,

Colds tormented and lips dried.

The fervent spark has died away in eyes,

The hubby began to keep away.

The grief and grief have taken control of it

So there were minutes, days, weeks …

But once in the silent afternoon

Massage alarm became fire

It has returned to the woman former strength of mind

Also she has understood that is not the old woman.

Having decided to change in a root stay,

From now on that health not to lose,

Madam has registered in courses

And for about a year in massage it was trained.

And since then salutary passes of a hand

хворь she cuts to pieces any in rags:

Will tighten a breast, will weaken feet

And as if by magic will relieve of alarm.

After all having won the diseases

It is possible to become also to another useful,

And the help to the near - the good purpose,

Only with it you will not run around.

Certainly, all it is already clear,

(Though I speak and muffledly),

That speech is conducted by me about myself,

To the ordinary woman who has answered to destiny.

The illness almost has broken me,

But I by own efforts have stopped it

And in it meaning of the life has found,

After all to many people has helped …

Also I encourage to this day,

In total those who was covered by a malicious shadow.

And to all I advise, who a rotten fate is persecuted:

Having risen itself, you a hand stretch another".


"I am the medical worker. I will tell about the methods of fight for the health.

At once I will tell about result. Over the last 10 years at me than temperature increase was never higher 36,7. And it considering that fact that I work at ambulance and in the centres of flu I happen regularly. And in the past ORVI 1-2 times a year hurt. How has reached such in the 38 years? I will share.

In 2001, almost has at the same time given up smoking and has started to have a shower bath every morning cold water. Each time when washed all body, finished procedure besides cold douche. Normalised a food - quality, a measure. "Eatatpleasure, drinkwithmeasure" (c) ["You eat qualitatively, drink moderately"].

Inoculations from flu I do, when offer, on work, what offer, free.

The phe
nomena of chronic rhinitis, laryngitis (they since the childhood take place and anywhere do not disappear) are sometimes found. It is necessary to render itself the emergency help. The hot shower or a bath help perfectly. It is necessary to warm up qualitatively all body (having finished, as always, a cold shower). If to be in time, it will be good. If time is missed, the medicamentous help is necessary. After all the purpose - not to allow temperature increase. So, means number one - acid ascorbic. Following precepts of Laynusapollinga, to 1 gramme of an askorbinka per day (these are about 10 dragees) in 3-4 receptions. The second, calcium gluconate. 2-3 tablets per day. Further, antigistaminny preparations, as a rule, диазолин, 2 dragees per day. And traditional acetilsalicylic acid - 3-4 tablets per day".

All life I try to help someone, well I can not stand apart indifferent so mother has brought up. Here and on work has decided to help loaders when unloading goods. But on a slippery floor has not kept, has fallen, and has got a strong bruise of a knee. Have delivered to me on a sore point plaster лонгету, but with it to have a sleep..., generally, anything. It was impossible to sit down - the foot was not bent, and it was necessary to stand long with a support on a healthy foot. And if sat down when, on a sick foot all literally whether ran, whether jumped, clearing the bar. And has rubbed to me a foot, is more sick, probably, even than a bruise. On reception at the doctor the surgeon has advised to me to replace her ortezy. It is such fixing kneecap. Having got it, I have completely estimated all its advantages: for the first time it was possible to fall asleep, there was a possibility to visit regenerative procedures.
The foot with gratitude has responded on its hardware: healing has gone quicker. After all also it became easier to move now, the knee has been reliably fixed. Generally, thanks to ортезу I about one New Year will surely recover, differently for me it should to work to other person, and I do not like someone to strain the problems".

"Jean Komilfo"

"So happened that brought up me two women (mother and the grandmother). To crown it all I also the only child in a family! And as you understand, with caress and care has been surrounded doubly! Here you sometime ate ice-cream warm? And I ate! Before taking pleasure in a delicacy, at first I waited, while it will thaw, and only then from a mug tasted this dairy zhizhitsa mixed from vafelky, as it there was an ice cream. Dressed me always warmly, even in the summer. I always only drank all lukewarm that the throat has not ached. But it all the same hurt me, and "ORZ" for me were sacred and native letters. I have always been released from physical culture since the grandmother worked as the medical sister and the reference to me has always been provided. When I left a shower, me insistently wrapped up so that only one bulbous nose was visible!

And so could proceed infinitely if at once I have not matured and has not decided to put an end to this suffocating love! I began to go in for sports, run in the mornings, to swing a press, gradually and gradually to become tempered. And at last - that is normal ice-cream. Began to watch itself and in the weight since it is necessary to admit extra kilos during care of relatives I has gathered enough. After all I ate, be healthy! The whole plate of macaroni with a gorochka it yet a limit! And even not one!

And now I feel excellently! I am happy and healthy! I do not use alcohol drinks, drugs and I do not smoke. But for it after all it is necessary to tell thanks to my parents! It they have beaten off at me desires even to think of this muck.

All I want to tell, protect the health from the youth, but do not go into extremes. Love itself and the body, and then all organism and each your internal body will feel this love and will be healthy! Eat moderately, do not lean on fat, sharp, harmful, protect a liver! Give up addictions! Do not forget, about physical activities, and walks in the open air! And everything at you will be good! Good luck!"

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