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We sum up New Years competition Most culinaryDear friends! Competition on the recipe of the festive salad simplest and useful to health has come to an end. Thanks to all who has shared with visitors of our site the knowledge in a gastronomy.

"Most culinary", according to the solution of edition, has recognised Oven - he becomes the happy owner of the gift certificate for 1500 rubles from boutique "L'etual" or "Yves Rocher" (for choice).

The second place was Continue reading

has come to the end

Competition of readers storiesHello, dear visitors of our portal!

We finished competition of reader's stories in which we play iPad and iPhone.

Today we will publish some more fine stories received from our readers. Any of them can win a prize!

You also can express the opinion in comments.
Results will be brought on January 12.

Attention! On January 20 - the last day when you can vote for the pleasant history! On Monday, January 23, names of Continue reading

Competition on the most original avatar proceeds!Dear friends!

For all who has not lost the passion in fight and it is ready to new fulfilments, we declare "Most creative" competition continuation!

You are waited by an interesting creative task: to fill in the profile on a site a place for a photo with an original avatar. You there already have a photo? It doesn't matter! For the period of carrying out competition you can replace it with the picture, and then at any time to return Continue reading

HONEY info awards winners of competitionsDear friends!

Time has come to share with you as has passed solemn rewarding of prize-winners of our competitions! At last all of them, despite severe frosts and drifts on roads, could reach in our office, get acquainted with edition closer and receive the long-awaited and honest deserved gifts! How many happy smiles and kind words we have received in the address from grateful winners!

As we already reported earlier, in competition «On the Continue reading

Gifts look for winners! Competitions on HONEY infoDear ladies and gentlemen!

On a portal HONEY info regularly there pass various competitions with possibility to win a prize for all tastes!

Participate and win!

Competition «The cleverest!»

We bring to your attention a simple crossword puzzle. Solve it, to cоставьте a keyword from the allocated letters and send it in the personal message.
Three winners defined as a result of draw, will receive the gift certificate for 500 rubles from boutique Continue reading

Dear visitors of our portal!

Competition «The most culinary comes to an end

And well, girls!

Till February 21 you still can take in it part!

Than you usually feed the darling before leaving for work? No, with sausage in Day of the defender of the Fatherland it is better to forget about fried eggs and a sandwich. Here it is necessary to think up something festive and at the same time - useful to health...

Want to please the men with fine appearance? Continue reading

We congratulate winners of competition of crossword puzzles No. 3!Dear friends!

Today we bring the next results of competition «The cleverest!»

Here answers to a crossword puzzle No. 3:


  1. Accessory of a man's suit from plants and flowers (buttonhole)
  2. The homesickness which has entitled the film of A.Tarkovsky (nostalgia)
  3. The mental disease which is showing in fear of open space (agoraphobia)
  4. Talisman, amulet (оберег)


  1. The Continue reading