Scientists have found a gene which is responsible for feeling of angerResearch team from university of the city of Bonn in Germany has come to a conclusion that the anger and irritability are caused not so much by features of character of the person, how many his genes and consequently are handed down

As it has appeared, the feeling of anger arises at the person every time when in a head brain concentration of special chemical - a dopamine increases. Its development is influenced by a gene having the scientific name DARPP-32.

However German scientists have established that there are three versions of this gene. Two of them have higher degree of activity that conducts at first to increase in level of a dopamine arriving in a brain, and then and to attacks of uncontrollable anger.

As a result of the special genetic and chemical mechanism people cannot simply constrain in themselves irritability and anger, - the head of works professor Martin Royter has declared.

He also has reported that the greatest concentration of genes of anger have found in the European people. According to Royter, it helped the person to survive with the difficult and highly competitive environment.

Nevertheless, German scientists consider that the person is capable to cope with anger attacks if it will be better than itself to supervise. Emotional regulation is capable to be so effective, as well as gene, they specify.

Thus it is necessary to remember that attacks of anger and irritability are hazardous to health. The people, often having these stressful feelings, twice suffer from cardiovascular diseases, rather than people with quiet character or those who tries to supervise the emotions more often.

Source: Comments.UA

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