«Clever pants» against decubitusesScientists from Alberta's University, Canada, have created the electronic pants, capable to prevent formation of decubituses at bed patients, writes Edmonton Journal.

Decubituses are a frequent problem at the paralysed patients or patients in the serious condition, an infection fraught with distribution, sepsis and a lethal outcome. Prolezhnevye the defeats looking as not healing ulcer, are formed in places of squeezing of soft fabrics between bone ledges and a bed surface. Blood circulation in this zone stops and fabrics die off. At sleeping or it is simply long the lying healthy person decubituses changes of positions of a body are not formed because of micromovements constantly made by it, and also. Thereof blood circulation is supported at sufficient level.

Creation of the underwear, capable to stimulate blood circulation in muscles at motionless patients was the purpose Viviyen Mushavar (Vivian Mushahwar) and its groups.

Smart-e-Pants pants are made of a special antibacterial fabric in which in a back part there is the metal grid available through a fabric demountable detail. On a belt there is a miostimulyator to which 4 electrodes, by other ends suitable are connected to a grid. A series of impulses of 10 seconds is created in a miostimulyator each 10 minutes, transferred to electrodes, by a grid and forces to be reduced muscles, thus reducing stagnation of blood in muscles of pelvic area.

The first clinical test which has been carried out on only 25 patients, already has shown safety of new development. Efficiency of electronic pants will be estimated for the next 5 years during large-scale clinical test. Inventors estimate it previously at 50-100 %.

Photo from a site http://www.edmontonjournal.com

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