Comedies are useful to healthThe American scientists have once again proved that laughter - the best medicine. Specialists of School of medicine of University of Maryland investigated influence of laughter and a stress on functioning of blood vessels. It has appeared that viewing of rather cheerful comedy is extremely useful to heart, and thrillers and military films, on the contrary, are injurious to health.

The volunteers who have taken part in experiment, looked through various films, and physicians watched at this time a condition of blood system of participants. About 300 measurements have been in total made. In the first day all have taken pleasure in the fascinating comedy «All without mind from Mary» with Cameron Diaz in a leading role, and next time have estimated the Hollywood blockbuster about the Second World War «To rescue private soldier Ryan» Stephen Spielberg.« During viewing of the second picture vessels of the audience were dangerously narrowed, the blood-groove has decreased, - doctor Michael Miller from Medical school of University of Maryland in the USA tells. - This opening confirms the previous researches which have assumed that between intellectual tension and narrowing of blood vessels there is a communication». The described condition is known in medicine as a vazokonstriktsiya (narrowing of a gleam of blood vessels, especially arteries). As to comedies, they not only did not cause this dangerous symptom, but also improved a condition of blood system, and also expanded vessels. The difference in diameter of arteries at the same people at the moment of viewing of the comedy and a horror film made from 30 % to 50 %.

Michael Miller reminds that cardiovascular diseases quite often arise because of the unbalanced condition of nervous system caused by viewing of stressful films, abounding with villains and unpleasant events. «The conclusion can be made such: the laughter - the best medicine for heart, - was summed up by researchers. - The advantage of it is commensurable with that at carrying out improving physical culture, occupations by aerobics or run». In this regard, experts have called people (especially who has heart troubles) to look as much as possible entertainment comic programs and comedies, and to limit themselves in terrible films.

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