Stem cells are capable to restore insulin synthesis at diabeticsThe group of researchers of University of Illinois in Chicago under the direction of Jun Zhao (Yong Zhao) has offered a new method of therapy of diabetes of the I type. It consists in a joint inkubirovaniye of lymphocytes of sick and stem cells of an umbilical blood of the healthy donor therefore after return of lymphocytes to an organism in it insulin production is restored, reports Eurekalert!

Scientists called a new approach therapy by means of training stem cells (Stem Cell Educator therapy).

As authors of research note, lymphocytes, or T-cages, immune system of the patient, slowly passing through the immobilised krovetvorny stem cells of an umbilical blood, "are retrained" in such a manner that lose ability to destroy beta cells of a pancreas making insulin.

Insulin is necessary for a normal exchange of glucose in an organism. At diabetes of the I type its synthesis is broken owing to attack of immune system to beta cells of a pancreas. As a result of it glucose collects in blood, and for its receipt in a fabric of the person constant injections of preparations of insulin are required.

In experiments of the Chicago scientists the joint incubation of lymphocytes and table cages proceeded from two to three hours, the first progress in production of own insulin by an organism of the patient has been noted 12 weeks later.

Indicator of restoration of function of beta cages was S-peptid. This connection is a by-product of synthesis of insulin. Determination of concentration S-peptida in blood allows to characterise ability of beta cages to make insulin. Rather high level S-peptida kept in blood of all patients with diabetes of the I type for 24 weeks.

15 people have taken part in tests of therapy by training stem cells.

Results of research are published in the BMC Medicine magazine.


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