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Comedies are useful to healthThe American scientists have once again proved that laughter - the best medicine. Specialists of School of medicine of University of Maryland investigated influence of laughter and a stress on functioning of blood vessels. It has appeared that viewing of rather cheerful comedy is extremely useful to heart, and thrillers and military films, on the contrary, are injurious to health.

The volunteers who have taken part in experiment, looked through Continue reading

Scientists have found communication of obesity with reduction of a brainThe Swedish neurologists from University of Uppsala have published in The International Journal of Obesity results of research in which reduction of a site of the brain responsible for regulation of appetite has been revealed, at elderly people with obesity, reports

The group of scientists under the direction of Samantha Brooks (Samantha Brooks) by means of a functional magnetic and resonant tomography (fMRI) investigated a brain Continue reading

Stem cells are capable to restore insulin synthesis at diabeticsThe group of researchers of University of Illinois in Chicago under the direction of Jun Zhao (Yong Zhao) has offered a new method of therapy of diabetes of the I type. It consists in a joint inkubirovaniye of lymphocytes of sick and stem cells of an umbilical blood of the healthy donor therefore after return of lymphocytes to an organism in it insulin production is restored, reports Eurekalert!

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«Clever pants» against decubitusesScientists from Alberta's University, Canada, have created the electronic pants, capable to prevent formation of decubituses at bed patients, writes Edmonton Journal.

Decubituses are a frequent problem at the paralysed patients or patients in the serious condition, an infection fraught with distribution, sepsis and a lethal outcome. Prolezhnevye the defeats looking as not healing ulcer, are formed in places of squeezing of soft fabrics between Continue reading

Scientists have found a gene which is responsible for feeling of angerResearch team from university of the city of Bonn in Germany has come to a conclusion that the anger and irritability are caused not so much by features of character of the person, how many his genes and consequently are handed down

As it has appeared, the feeling of anger arises at the person every time when in a head brain concentration of special chemical - a dopamine increases. Its development is influenced by a gene having the scientific Continue reading