The use of a dogrose reduces risk of emergence of heart troublesHips are known for the salutary action at cold because of the big content of vitamin C in them. But it has become clear, as for prevention of cardiovascular diseases the dogrose too does not have the equal.

The Swedish scientists from University Lund have made experiment: within six weeks the group of the volunteers inclined to completeness, daily drank the drink prepared with use of 40 g of an istolchenny dogrose.

Experts conducted monitoring of arterial pressure, weight, composition of blood and sensitivity to insulin of participants of research.

At all of them indicators the HELL have decreased approximately for 3,4 %, cholesterol level - for 5-6 %. And the risk of emergence of heart troubles as a whole - has decreased by 17 %.

Scientists consider that at the heart of positive impact of a dogrose the same high content in it of the vitamin C possessing also anti-inflammatory effect lies.


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