The New Year tree can harm to healthDoctor Lawrence Kurlyandsky from medical university in New York urgently recommends to put houses an artificial fir-tree instead of the real. But not because of economy of natural forests and in order that … to keep the health.

The matter is that during researches of New Year's coniferous trees which were carried out by experts under the direction of Kurlyandsky, it has been established: the fir-tree in the house can provoke sleeplessness, cold, cough, feeling of fatigue at his inhabitants.

This phenomenon in medical circles has already received the name "a Christmas syndrome". And its reason is the special fungus striking trees. It have found for 70 % of the fir-trees which are on sale before New Year's holidays.

Reproduction of a fungus is promoted by high temperature in premises. Then fungoid disputes get an airborne way to a human body and lead to various frustration of health, up to pneumonia.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

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