The new test system defining a virus of papilloma of the person, for house usingDiagnostics of VPCh being the main reason for a cancer of a neck of a uterus, can be carried out now in house conditions. Digene HPV Test set from the Qiagen company has proved as a method of effective detection of DNA of a virus in dabs, the New Scientist (New Scientist) reports.

Group of the Chinese scientists of the Incorporated Medical College of Beijing under the direction of Fengkhueya Dzhao (Fang-Hui Zhao) have carried out the comparative test, having carried out the classical test for a virus of papilloma of the person by means of cytology and the analysis acetic acid to 13 thousand women who have undergone also skriningovy research.

The new test system has appeared having defined virus DNA in cages more effective, more precisely. A small minus of a method is a quantity of lozhnopolozhitelny results.

Scientists have published results of the carried-out analysis in the Magazine of National Institute of the Cancer (Journal of the National Institute of Cancer).

The vast majority of cases is fixed by a cancer of a neck of a uterus in developing countries because of absence of regular inspection on VPCh and inoculations from this virus in a national calendar.

The new skriningovy system will help women to prevent emergence of a dangerous illness by timely diagnostics of VPCh and in the conditions of absence of the adequate medical program.

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