The Korean scientists have found alternative of a brine at a hangover is an extract of an asparagusScientists from Korea work over new medicine which should win a hungover syndrome. As the main its component they suggest to use asparagus extract - vegetable of family not less popular to Koreas asparagusovy, than cucumbers in Russia.

In an asparagus substances which help a liver to fight against toxins at alcoholic poisoning have been found. During researches in which the people abusing alcohol have taken part, experts measured amount of active oxygen in cells of their liver before extract application from asparagus leaves.

The result has surpassed all expectations: the asparagus in the course of assimilation by a human body of alcohol plays a role of a powerful antioxidant. She stirs up activity of the enzymes participating in process of splitting of alcohol and raises the content of active oxygen for 70 %.


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