The diet rich with magnesium, reduces risk of development of a strokeResearches of the Swedish scientists have shown that the risk of emergence of a stroke depends on amount of magnesium, including daily arriving in an organism with food. Daily reception of 100 g of this microcell reduces probability of development of sharp violation of brain blood circulation for 10 %.

Beneficial influence of a diet with the raised content of magnesium is studied already enough long time. So, in 2006 the Circulation magazine results of the 15th summer research which has been carried out by scientists from the North Western university (Chicago, the USA) are published. 4637 Americans have been included in it at the age from 18 till 30 years, not suffering diabetes or a metabolic syndrome. It has appeared that at the persons which are regularly including in a diet I peep, rich with magnesium, the metabolic syndrome develops for 31 % less than other participants have researches.

Higher consumption level of magnesium associated with decrease in risk of development of any of components of a metabolic syndrome. According to the recommendation of the American Institute of medicine, the daily need for magnesium at 19 - 30-year-old men makes 400 mg, at women - 310 mg.

The richest sources of magnesium are nuts - almonds and кешью, and also spinach, avocado, bananas, dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, raisin), wheaten bran and grain (oat, wheaten). The most large amount of magnesium is in buckwheat: in 100 g of this product there are 200 mg of magnesium.

Thus not enough magnesium contains in veal, a rabbit and a turkey - only 20-30 mg in 100 g of a product.

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