The device will be actively applied to not surgical removal of an extreme flesh in AfricaThe Israeli scientists have invented the device for bloodless trimming which will be delivered to the countries of Africa. Management on control over products and medicines (FDA) of the USA has officially approved its application, reports The New York Times.

The purpose of export of the device to Africa which plans to organise Bill and Melinda Gates's Fund, is HIV prevention among local population.

According to results of the long and large-scale researches which have been carried out to the Republic of South Africa and Kenya, probability of infection of HIV of the cut-off men the minimum in 2 times is lower, than not cut off. For this reason recently trimming is propagandised as a mass prophylactic of HIV in Africa where this disease is widespread much more strongly, than in other countries.

The condition of medical care (insufficient number of the qualified surgeons, big costs of payment of their services, tools and dressings) in the countries of Africa does not promote statement on a stream of planned operations on removal of an extreme flesh in this connection the device invention for trimming implementation without the aid of the surgeon, was the extremely necessary.

The PrePex device has been invented by the Israeli doctor in 2009. It was its reaction to an appeal of surgeons of all countries to go to Africa to carry out trimming of local population.

PrePex consists of two rings: rubber with an applikator and plastic. Plastic it is put on a head of the member under an extreme flesh, and rubber - over an extreme flesh on plastic. The design rushes the man within a week therefore a "superfluous" fabric, without receiving due blood supply, dies off and disappears. Procedure of putting on of rings is carried out by the nurse by means of local анестетика, without additional tools.

There are rings of five sizes from And to E.Oni should stop adequately a blood-groove, without causing severe pain.

Clinical tests of the device on nearly 600 inhabitants of Rwanda have passed more than successfully. Complications have developed less, than in half of percent of cases, - at only two people. After surgical trimming the percent of complications makes near 4х.

In WHO plans at complete approval of heads of the African states plans to cut off 20 million men from 15 to 49 years in 14 countries where HIV is most widespread. By 2012 operation has been carried out only to 600 thousand patients. PrePex introduction in wide use considerably will increase speed of implementation of the plan.

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