The arterial hypertension is not at the bottom of dizzinessesWhile at the majority of people the head is turned on February 14 from love, doctors solve not less serious problem of therapy of similar violations at an arterial hypertension. The corresponding report was made on All-Russia the Internet the Congress of experts in internal diseases by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Olga Dmitriyevna Ostroumova.

As it has appeared, among the symptoms some hundred diseases have dizziness. Such complaint at the same time and one of the most frequent, and one of the most difficult. Quite often with it the people having an arterial hypertension address in hospital. However, contrary to ordinary opinion, increase of arterial pressure is not connected in any way with dizziness. More often, in such situation the doctor deals with stratification at each other two illnesses very widespread in population - a hypertension and good-quality paroksizmalny item dizziness (this disease connected with violations in an internal ear). Besides, development in the patient of psychogenic dizziness as it is known is quite possible that among hypertensive persons depressive frustration are widespread. Diabetes or ortostatichesky reactions can be fault to all also.

It is interesting to notice that superfluous decrease in arterial pressure as in itself, and against incorrectly picked up therapy, just quite often acts as the reason of emergence of dizziness.

In the report Olga Dmitriyevna has noted that it is not necessary to confuse true dizziness to a number of other feelings of the person. True dizziness is an illusion of movement of surrounding people and subjects round the patient or him round them. All other cases are connected with not clear faintness, a preunconscious condition, dimness in eyes, decrease in a brain blood-groove or brain supply by oxygen and glucose, defeats of a cerebellum and a spinal cord, uncertain heavy feelings and intoxications at phobias, alarm, depressions. In this regard it is necessary to lead especially attentively diagnostic discussion with the patient complaining of dizziness.

At present the unique preparation from any types of dizziness has recognised Betaserk (active ingredient бетагистин, analogue of a histamine). This medicine with the unique mechanism of the action, influencing area of an internal ear and improving a blood-groove in the vertebro-bazilyarny pool. The recommended daily dose - 48 mg. Plan of treatment makes about 2 months. Higher efficiency of an original preparation in comparison with numerous дженериками is clinically proved.

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