Strawberry helps to resist to negative impact of alcoholThe group of the European researchers managed to prove that strawberry protects a stomach from damages which can be put to them with ethyl alcohol. "The diet rich with strawberry, will help to protect our organism from diseases of the gastroenteric path connected with formation of active forms of oxygen" - it is noted in the official report on research.

Such condition can be caused by the use not only only alcohol, but also some medical preparations, such as, for example aspirin and an ibuprofen, and also every possible bacterial and virus infections, autoimmune diseases and a strong stress.

Scientists have analysed ability of a number of the connections containing in strawberry, to limit impact on a protective layer of a stomach of free radicals. As a result researchers have come to a conclusion that strawberry not simply carries out a role of a powerful antioxidant, but also also naturally increases protection of a body against various risk factors. In particular, at the regular use of strawberry the condition of a mucous membrane of the stomach, the first and main line of protection of an organism from diseases of a gastroenteric path essentially improves.

Research has been carried out on rats. To establish existence or absence of positive influence of strawberry on prevention of diseases of a stomach, scientists daily within ten days fed rats with strawberry extract from calculation in 40 mg. a product on 1 kg of weight of an animal. In the course of research of a rat have got a free access to various food and water. Subsequently rats have received ethanol which usually causes in them serious diseases of digestive system in a food allowance.

As a result of the subsequent analysis it has been established that ulcers and gastritises were much less often formed at those rats that within 10 days ate, including strawberry extract. According to scientists, strawberry possesses a set of useful properties, and can protect our organism from quite large number of diseases. It is rich with a set флавоноидов, tannins and phenolic acids which help to improve essentially a condition of immunity of the person, and prevent different types of inflammations at cellular level. Thus that is very important, strawberry perhaps is effective and overcomings of consequences of abuse by alcohol - according to scientists it restores secretion of gastric juice, and brings the gastroenteric path which has endured a plentiful libation of the owner into norm.


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