Shyness, probably, becomes the psychiatric diagnosisShyness can become the psychiatric diagnosis, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The American Association of Psychiatrists (APA) considers possibility of inclusion of eccentricity, heavy experience of loss and shyness in the Diagnostic and statistical guide to mental disorders (DSM-V).

Psychiatrists of the USA and Great Britain have opposed this idea which threatens with diagnoses and expensive treatment to healthy people. Doctors even have put forward the petition with more than 10ю in thousand signatures.

Simon Uesseli (Simon Wessely), the psychiatrist from the London Royal College has told that in the first half of the 19th eyelid of DSM contained only one category of mental diseases. In their 1917 there were nearly 60, 30 years - more than 200, and already 347. The psychiatrist is afraid that normal shyness call a social phobia and will treat as the real disease. It is so possible and «to find in «book children» Asperger's syndrome», he speaks.

Superfluous diagnoses are not necessary neither to doctors, nor healthy people. Scientists worry that the initial idea to add some diagnoses in DSM belongs to the pharmaceutical companies, wishing to capture new big target group.

Also in the fifth revision of this document as potential diseases will be considered a game addiction and dependence on the Internet.

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