Short-sightedness will be won by gene therapy?There was a hope of disposal of glasses wearing at the people having short-sightedness. The international group of researchers has declared that has found a gene which is responsible for emergence of a miopiya (short-sightedness).

In experiment on the genome analysis, carried out by scientists, 13414 volunteers from Great Britain, the Netherlands and Australia and other countries of the world have taken part. It has become clear that emergence of short-sightedness is interconnected with the site of DNA influencing work of a gene of RASGRF1. It functions in neurons and an eye retina, being responsible for perception of the image and formation of a visual memory.

Scientists have confirmed the theory in practice: have created the gennoinzhenerny mice deprived by RASGRF1. At rodents deviations in a structure of a crystalline lens of an eye have not been fixed. In the future results of research can become a basis for gene therapy at short-sightedness treatment.


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