Scientists of South Korea suggest to replace doctors with smartphonesScientists from the Korean institute of a science and equipment set a goal to relieve patients of turns in hospitals at delivery of medical analyses.

In the near future Koreans can test independently the organism at any convenient time and in any place. For this purpose will enough touch with a finger the screen of the smartphone of the new model, which itself will carry out the biomolecular analysis.

Sensors of the smartphone will read out and classify the electronic impulses signals received from a finger on which will diagnose his owner. According to founders of new technology, the analysis will give 100 % a guarantee on the right definition of existence in a human body of molecules of certain proteins and DNA on their specific impulses and degree of their concentration.

Researches in this direction proceed. So, in the following model of the smartphone blood and urine analyses for what the droplet of these substances should be placed on a strip from a special material will be provided and to insert it into the smartphone or in a prefix to it. Scientists predict that similar devices will replace with themselves doctors soon and iatrotechnics which is now used in clinics for studying of analyses of patients.


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