Red wine prolongs life: truth or myth?A few years ago in red dry wine was the antioxidant ресвератрол is found. And in scientifically world the boom has right there begun: experts in eager rivalry began to allocate this substance with really miracle properties. A pier, power of an antioxidant such is, what even prolongs life and from a cancer protects.

One of these days scandal has burst: Dipak K. Das, the employee of University of Connecticut, among other being engaged in studying of this question, has forged results of researches. Conclusions of its 26 articles which devoted to this subject and have left in 11 magazines, are fabricated, writes The New York Times.

So, many scientific works of doctor Das spoke about positive effect ресвератрола. Allegedly this component of red wine prolonged life a laboratory animal. But, according to independent experts, real proofs to that was not.

And on such popular research Das has received grants rather big, and at all from private investors, and from the government. The university of Connecticut has already declared that returns to the government two grants of the doctor at a rate of 890 thousand dollars, having dispatched in 11 magazines where there were articles of the scientist, preventions.

The first signal that with Das's researches something not that, has arrived in 2009. Then the university has received the anonymous letter with the instruction, to put it mildly, discrepancies in work of the scientist. The university has not ignored the anonymous letter, and has decided to check. The result of investigation «has surpassed expectations»: independent experts have revealed 145(!) facts of a fabrication and falsification of scientific data. The dishonoured doctor of comments yet does not give.

And the question of proofs of advantage of red wine has again hung in mid-air. And still speak supposedly truth in wine...


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