On harm degree sugar can equate to tobacco and alcoholThe American biologists Robert Lyustig, Laura Schmidt and Clare Brindis from university of the State of California in San Francisco suggest to equate sugar and podslastitel on the basis of a fructose and glucose mix to alcohol and tobacco.

Scientists are convinced that the regular overeating of the sweet causes the same negative consequences, as abuse of alcoholic beverages.

First, sugar and alcohol were not available in such quantities what we can receive now therefore the person has no protective mechanisms from negative consequences of their use earlier.

Secondly, sugar by analogy to alcohol affects the compensation centres in a brain, stimulating the person on eating of a new portion of sweets.

Thirdly, sugar and its substitutes suppress production of hormones of saturation - грелина and лептина that leads to a regular overeating.

As measures for fight against sugar abuse scientists suggest to enter the same scheme of excises and restrictions what is applied to restriction of a turn of tobacco and alcohol. Including, and a special tax with which all goods containing sugar additives will be assessed. Also biologists insist on introduction of restrictions on sale of the sweet aerated drinks to children till 17 years and number of restaurants of a fast food in areas with the low average income of the population.

Source: RIA Novosti news agency

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