Omelette with mushrooms against a cancer of a pancreasToday around the world the cancer of a pancreas is in most cases diagnosed only at late stages and annually carries away from life of 80 % of the diseased.

The international magazine of gastroenterology and gepatologiya of Gut has published results of the interesting research devoted to a problem of prevention of a cancer of a pancreas.

Scientists have studied level of the maintenance of 12 main microcells in organisms of 118 patients with a cancer of a pancreas and have compared them to data of 399 healthy people. The high content of selenium and nickel was found in the last.

As source of nickel lentil, oats and mushrooms can serve. And with selenium the Brazilian nuts, bread, fish, meat and eggs are rich. Means, the optimum combination of these two elements can be found, for example, in a mushroom omelette.


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