Nickel and selenium protect from a cancer of a pancreasPeople with high concentration of nickel and selenium in an organism have lower risk of development of a cancer of an ekzokrinny fabric of a pancreas, according to results of the recent research published in on-line release of "Gut" from December 19. Also it was revealed that high levels of lead, arsenic, and cadmium, apparently, increase risk of development of this disease.

Doctor Andree F.S. Amaral (Andr F.S. Amaral) (Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Group, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Madrid, Spain) and colleagues have estimated the maintenance of 12 microcells in nail plates of toes concerning communication between concentration of microcells and risk of an ekzokrinny cancer of a pancreas.

Authors have collected and have analysed samples of nail plates from toes of 118 patients with the ekzokrinny pancreatic cancer, registered in «Multicentre Prospective Study on the Role of the K-ras and other Genetic Alterations in the Diagnosis, Prognosis and Etiology of Pancreatic and Biliary Diseases» (PANKRAS II). Research was carried out with 1992 to 1995 in 5 hospitals of Spain. Similar research has been executed on samples of nail plates from toes of 399 stationary patients in «Spanish Bladder Cancer/EPICURO Study» which have made control group. Both researches were carried out practically at the same time, and in geographically close regions.

Doctor Amaral and colleagues have considered potentially mixing factors, including smoking, diabetes, excess weight, and an education level.

«At patients with the highest concentration of arsenic and cadmium in nails the probability of a cancer of a pancreas in 2-3,5 times was higher, in comparison with patients with the lowest levels», - according to authors. «Patients with the highest concentration of lead have six times higher risk of a disease», - scientists add.

After comparison of concentration in the highest quartile against the lowest, researchers have found out that the increased risk of an ekzokrinny cancer of a pancreas associated with lead (the relation of chances 6,26), cadmium (the standardised relation of chances 3,58) and arsenic (the standardised relation of chances 2,02). High concentration of nickel (the relation of chances 0,27) and selenium (the relation of chances 0,05) associated with decrease in risk of a cancer of an ekzokrinny fabric of a pancreas.

Any of other sledovy elements did not associate statistically essentially with a cancer of a pancreas.

«Research has shown for the first time very significant communication between risk of an ekzokrinny pancreatic cancer and concentration of lead, selenium and nickel in a nail plate of toes, and has confirmed associations with cadmium and arsenic about which it was reported earlier in several researches. It is important that the dozo-dependent answer was observed for each of these associations», - authors write.

«Our results allow to assume a role of microcells in патогенезе a cancer of a pancreas, and this communication demands further studying», - scientists conclude.


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