The favourite illness or How to get rid of a callosityYou never reflected, expression «a favourite callosity» from where has gone? After all this widespread illness delivers us a set of inconveniences. Everything speaks simply: it forces itself to "like" - to select specially under it footwear, to spare a foot when walking etc. You have got used to solve long ago this problem by means of a corn plaster? Here in vain! Because even the most harmless small callosity can bring in the future to big troubles …

From where they undertake?

The skin callosity appears owing to a long friction or pressure upon skin. Outwardly it can be shown or in the form of the become horny areas of the top layer of skin, and then such callosity is called as dry. Or it represents a corn bubble in which the lymph contains, and then such callosity is called as wet. If in this liquid blood impurity are observed, then such callosity is called as blood. The similar blister appears, as a rule, when blood vessels are located close to a skin surface in a place of formation of a callosity, and skin has undergone very big friction on force or pressure. More often callosities can arise on ступнях feet, but happen and on palms of hands.

The reasons of emergence of callosities are various:

  • Platypodia (if you do not carry orthopedic inserts for footwear
  • close footwear from an artificial material
  • high heels (more often because of it the callosity «settles for life» on foot under a thumb)
  • sandals without backs (it to you is pleasant to be splashed loudly, and to your heels just the opposite!)
  • bad heredity (yes, it is the truth: if your grandmother and mother suffered from callosities, and to you them not to avoid)

How to get rid of a callosity?

At the started condition of callosities not to avoid their removal by a surgical way. But before the doctor appoints to you keratolitichesky therapy (application of the chemical preparations possessing keratolitichesky properties - from Greek keras, keratos - «horn substance» + by lysis «destruction, dissolution»; for example, salicylic acid, dairy acid, резорцин, urea, sulphurous barium and sulphurous strontium). As a result of their application of a fabric of a callosity are softened, and it is possible to eliminate it easily by means of make-shifts.

In house conditions it is possible to use the next ways for treatment of callosities:

  • if have seen that after walk the bubble with transparent liquid was formed, wash up a foot in warm water, accurately with cuticle scissors open it and when liquid will flow out, process a wound around brilliant green or iodine and stick with a bactericidal plaster on which there is "small pillow" (the gauze layer impregnated with an anti-septic tank)
  • if at you «a callosity with an experience», steam out a foot in hot water, put to a callosity a lemon quarter, bandage and leave for the night
  • alternative option - grease the steamed-out callosity with a kashitsa from warmed-up propolis, bandage and leave for the night
  • the soap and soda tray for feet gives good effect also: on a half-basin of hot water 1 table. spoon of soda and 2nd table. spoons of the crushed soap (it is better - economic); to steam out feet in this structure of 15-20 minutes, supporting identical water temperature, then to remove the softened callosity with pumice and to grease feet with nutritious cream (it is desirable, containing extract of a tea tree that promotes healing of wounds)

Categorically it is impossible: independently to cut off the hardened callosity sharp cutting subjects or to try to "etch" it acid, vinegar, turpentine and other means of household chemicals.

If helps nothing, surely address for consultation to the doctor-dermatologist since often a callosity confuse to more serious disease - a keratodermiya (a superfluous orogoveniye of skin in palms and soles). And its one trays not to win.

How them to avoid?

In most cases to prevent emergence of callosities ready прощке, than to get rid of long ago existing.

Way first: correct footwear and socks.

Callosities standing can be prevented by carrying of comfortable footwear fitting well on a foot and use of socks pure and suitable for use. Callosities develop on damp skin therefore for absorption of moisture it is necessary to use the corresponding socks (for example, special sports socks) more often, and the footwear in a warm season should provide foot aeration.

Way second: preventive stickers.

In case of long pedestrian travel (walk) important that boots were the suitable size, and in places where footwear potentially to rub skin it can is possible to use for the purpose of prevention a special adhesive plaster with amortiziruyushchy "small pillow" for reduction of influence of footwear by a foot.

Way third: protective equipment for hands.

To avoid callosities on hands, it is necessary to use gloves at work with a shovel, an axe, a saw, etc. It is also necessary to provide protection for hands at performance of a hard physical activity: stretch of ropes, moving of heavy subjects, etc.

Way fourth: special means

The simplest means is a talc (children's hygienic powder) which helps to reduce a friction.

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