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In permafrost the source of longevityWith such startler representatives of the centre of public relations of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Sciences have acted. The Siberian scientists have found in permafrost in the territory of Yakutia (mountain Mamontovaya) a microorganism which is activated and shares at temperature only +5.

Already initial researches of a find have shown that the found bacterium "has lagged behind" from modern on three million years. Now experts work over definition and comparison of a genome of Bacillius F for the purpose of more exact dating of a microorganism.

"As bacteria have been found in permafrost where have quite successfully remained, probably, they have mechanisms of preservation of viability, - Nadejda Mironov has commented on a discovery the senior research associate of Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. - In addition, their differing from modern types of a bacterial wall and proteins will cause stronger or more specific immune answer if to enter them into an organism of a mouse. In total and has occurred".

In the press release of the Center of public relations have confirmed that injections of Bacillius F have well affected some indicators of quality of life at aged rodents. In particular, on their immunity and speed of its activation. So, there was a hope that the found bacterium can serve in the future as a material for creation of «a youth elixir» and for people.


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