Geneticists have invented means from a dreamThe American scientists have thought up how artificially to increase the period of wakefulness of the person by shift of biological rhythms. For this purpose they suggest to use a special preparation лонгдейзин which name it is possible to translate as «the extension piece of day». This substance is capable to prolong the period of wakefulness of an organism almost at 10 o'clock.

Japanese scientists led by Tsiyosha Hirota's doctor which made experiments on introduction of the genes received by an artificial way to cages, cancer-stricken were pioneers лонгдэйзина. And the substance was already allocated in pure form by their American colleagues from university of California in San Diego. Tests of new medicine on samples of the living tissues taken from rodents and fishes, have yielded positive results.

Reception лонгдэйзина, will help, first of all, that who owing to the profession is compelled to cross often time zones, thereby suffering from violation of natural "internal clocks".

Now, according to the dean of biological faculty of the Californian university Steve Key, «having left the plane on other end of the globe only by means of one tablet it is possible to return to the normal course of life".


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