Fibroz – is reversible!The doctor of medical sciences Chavdar Savovich Pavlov has made on All-Russia the Internet the Congress of experts in internal diseases the report in which has expressed confidence that doctors can shortly win фиброз. «A recovery problem at chronic diseases of a liver are defined by two main conditions: radical elimination of the reason of suffering and convertibility of the fabric changes which have developed during an illness», - it has quoted D. S. Sarkisov's statement.

Ch.S.Pavlov has told about the major factors influencing convertibility фиброза to a liver among which has especially allocated genetic predisposition, an etiologichesky factor (duration and expressiveness of an illness), localisation, prevalence and a stage фиброза. The prescription of existence of a fibrous fabric, and also balance протеиназ (MMP) and their inhibitors (TIMMP) appear not less important aspects, in his opinion.

As to the strategic directions of therapy фиброза a liver, today they develop in three main directions: elimination of an etiologichesky factor (including an eliminatsiya of a gepatotropny virus, refusal of alcohol intake, elimination of biliarny obstruction, decrease in activity of autoimmune process, correction of metabolic violations, reduction of accumulation of copper and iron), reception of protivofibrotichesky means and elimination of profibrotichesky factors (refusal of smoking, weight reduction).

Chavdar Savovich connects great expectations with geno-therapeutic approaches to return development фиброза a liver. Such techniques are connected or with blockade of synthesis of collagen, or with balance change про-/anti-fibrogenny factors (MMP/inhibitors). Both approaches are approved on animal models, but their clinical application is still limited. These obstacles are caused by side effects and shortage of knowledge of mechanisms of action of such treatment in the person. Pavlov has emphasised that, as a whole, development of protivofibrotichesky preparations encounters a number of difficulties. First of all, problems are connected with prolixity in time of process of recourse фиброза a liver (it takes more than 3 years), its bigger expressiveness in researches on animals, than in public, absence of optimum stratification of risk of progressing фиброза and need of a biopsy of a liver for dynamics control фиброза against treatment.

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