Scientists have specified the molecular nature of schizophreniaAs reports ScienceDaily. scientists from Research institute Skrippsa in California (Scripps Research Institute) have found out that DNA in certain departments of a brain of patients with schizophrenia constantly are in the "packed" condition that does it to genetic information inaccessible to reading.

It occurs because to connected with DNA and providing its packing in superspiral structure to proteins histones special groups of atoms are not attached. They are called as atsetilny groups.

In norm connection of atsetilny groups with histones (an atsetilirovaniye of histones) provides weakening DNK-gistonovogo of a complex, it becomes less "braided" and DNA appears available to start of the mechanism of reading of genetic information.

According to authors of research which is published in the Translational Psychiatry magazine, insufficient atsetilirovaniye of histones in a brain is the molecular reason of schizophrenia.

For elimination of this epigenetichesky (i.e. influencing transfer of genetic information, but not "written down" in DNA) effect scientists suggest to start to develop drugs on the basis of substances which suppress activity of a certain enzyme - gistonny деацетилазы. This enzyme deprives histones of DNA of atsetilny groups necessary for the subsequent reading.

In former researches it has been noticed that in a brain of patients with schizophrenia and a syndrome of Huntington (other serious illness of nervous system) at the same structure of DNA that at healthy people, some genes are inactive. In search of the reason of it Elizabeth Thomas's (Elizabeth Thomas) group together with colleagues from University of Melbourne investigated posthumous samples of a brain sick and healthy, being stored in medical banks of a brain in the USA and in Australia. The comparative analysis has shown that samples of a brain of subjects with schizophrenia differed lower level of an atsetilirovaniye of a certain part of histones. It, according to authors of research, inevitably should block work of genes.

Scientists pay attention that some intellectual frustration observed at elderly people, have similarity to schizophrenia and can have the same biological nature. In this regard they do not exclude possibility of application of drugs on the basis of inhibitors gistonny деацетилазы for simplification of a condition of patients at age frustration.

On the other hand, already being in development for therapy of other diseases the preparations suppressing gistonny деацитилазу, can be used for schizophrenia treatment.


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