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Chilli pepper will soon replace an anaesthesiaSuch assumption was put forward by the American scientists from the Massachusetts hospital. They have suggested to use as local anaesthesia (for example, in stomatology) Chile hot pepper as the substance капсаицин, giving to it a sharpness, possesses soothing property.

Kapsaitsin is interesting to that influences only the nervous cages which are responsible for feeling of pain, without paralysing thus the neurons which are responsible for movement Continue reading

Endometriosis is associated with inflammatory diseases of intestinesEndometriosis associates with the increased risk of development of inflammatory diseases of intestines, according to results of the large-scale long-term research which has been carried out by the Danish scientists which are published in on-line release of "Gut" from December 19.

Both endometriosis, and inflammatory diseases of intestines are usually shown by abdominalny pain, as a rule, begin in early adult life, and are chronic inflammatory Continue reading