How to get rid of pigmentary spotsThere is a popular belief that pigmentary spots appear only at women in pregnancy. But it does not represent the facts. Pigmentary spots or хлоазмы (from an armour. «chloasma») - represent limited hyper pigmentation of skin which arises because of the raised produtsirovaniye of a pigment of melanin. The reasons of their emergence can be various: from serious disorders of function of a liver, yaichnik, a hypophysis to an elementary lack of an organism of folic, nicotinic acids and vitamin C. More often pigmentary spots appear on a face, a neck and in the field of a decollete and a back. At people of advanced age they often arise on hands. Under the influence of the sun pigmentary spots darken and increase in the sizes. From freckles they are distinguished by accurately issued edges.

Prevention of emergence of pigmentary spots

To be protected from emergence of pigmentary spots it is possible by means of the food balanced by vitamins and the correct care of skin. During the winter and spring period when the organism especially suffers from deficiency of vitamin C, it is necessary to enter into a diet a citrus, green onions, sweet pepper (even in the frozen look) and also to accept nicotinic acid (RR vitamin) and vitamin C in tablets. The dosage of vitamin C makes 1,5 g a day, it is desirable before food, and nicotinic acid - on 0,01 g 3 times a day after food. At men and at women 18 years a recommended dosage of reception of folic acid are more senior makes 400 mkg per day. Course of reception of 2 weeks. Then a break for 1 week.

As to care of skin, already since the end of February it is undesirable to go out of doors, without having put previously on open sites of skin protective cream from 40 % an index of protection against ultra-violet beams. But thus it is necessary to consider that action of such means proceeds only 4 hours.

Hyper pigmentation treatment

The modern cosmetology offers some ways how to get rid from pigmentary spots:

  • Rtutsoderzhashchiye creams which the expert can appoint only.
  • Medical cosmetics on a basis пергидроля, salicylic alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen, dairy or lemon acid.
  • Deep peeling with use of fruit acids.
  • Treatment by the laser. (Under the influence of the laser not only pigmentary spots disappear, but also there is a skin updating, its tone) improves.

Any of the listed ways is not recommended to women during pregnancy.

Traditional medicine

Mask from almonds. Will help, if you have a moderate pigmentation. A half-glass cleared (not fried!) almonds fill in with 1 glass of boiled water and in 5 minutes, having merged water in separate capacity, pass almonds through a meat grinder. In the received kashitsa add juice of a half of a lemon and 1 tablespoon of boiled water. Stir everything before receiving homogeneous weight. Put a mask for 30 minutes, then wash away almond water. 2 times a week within 5 months are recommended to do this mask.

Horse-radish infusion. To use only at strong pigmentation. The cleared and washed-up roots of a horse-radish rub on a small grater and fill in 8 % with vinegar solution in a proportion 1:1. Insist in a dark place within 5 days. Filter through some layers of a gauze and dilute with water half. Store infusion in the refrigerator and do compresses in the morning and in the evening on pigmentirovanny sites of skin.

Kalanchoe juice. A universal remedy not only for bleaching of pigmentary spots, but also for the prevention of their increase. A kalanchoe the plumose - the most widespread houseplant. Rather daily before going to bed to put to spots the kneaded leaves of a kalanchoe, having covered from above them with pergament paper or a gauze. To hold 5-10 minutes, then not to wash away water, and let's to juice be absorbed.

Broth lyubistka. Ancient Russian recipe. Lyubistok is a perennial plant which could be found in a garden of our great-grandmothers. 5г the crushed roots a lyubistka fill in with 1 glass of water, boil 5 minutes, cool, filter and wipe spots a tampon moistened in broth, 5-7 times a day.

Strawberry water. 1 tablespoon of carefully pounded wild strawberry fill in with 1 glass of cold boiled water and let's stand 1 hour. Wipe pigmentary spots 2-3 times a day. Strawberry water should be stored in the refrigerator.

Honey and currant mask. Possesses good bleaching effect. For this purpose mix a handful of immature berries of a red currant with 1 teaspoon of honey, carefully knead and the received weight put on pigmentary spots for 30 minutes. To wash away such mask it is best of all water with addition of several drops of lemon juice.

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