How to keep youth of hands?The age of the woman is given out most of all by skin of a neck and hands which is subject to withering much quicker, than all other parts of a body. Unfortunately, a half of the female population of our country monthly spends considerable money for every possible rejuvenating face treatments, and in relation to the handles shows criminal indifference. And it is vain.

Eczema and not only …

Skin of hands every minute is exposed to influence of climatic, mechanical and other harmful factors of environment. In the absence of due leaving it gradually dries, истончается and loses the elasticity. Because of continuous contact to laundry detergents and other detergents skin not only is dehydrated, but also loses the fatty stocks. With age on it there can be pigmentary spots and deep wrinkles.

But also it yet the most terrible that expects our hands provided. Eczema - here the real scourge of the XXI century - threatens, on datas of statistics, 30 % of the women, not avoiding to be engaged in a household in the hands. This disease is shown by skin reddening, an itch, a peeling and emergence of the small vials filled with liquid. More often eczema affects skin on wrists and elbow bends, but can quickly extend on any part of a body, and to treatment gives in extremely hard.

Manicuring rules

But the exit is always. However, he will demand from you a little work and patience. That as it is possible to keep more long the handles white and soft, rather regularly to adhere to the following simple rules.

  • Rule first. Any housework carry out only in rubber gloves: it will be at first inconvenient, then get used. (If to you 30 minutes are necessary to work in gloves more long, put on hands at first a cream layer, then put on thin cotton cotton gloves, and already atop - rubber. And only after that start to work)
  • Rule second. Wash hands with only warm water: frequent washing by cold water leads to a posterization of skin of hands, and abuse is hotter - to dryness of skin.
  • Rule third. After each contact of hands with water surely put on skin any moistening cream. For this purpose it is necessary for having always with itself in a handbag and it is obligatory - on a foreground in kitchen.
  • Rule fourth. In a cool season never go out of doors without gloves. Even, if it «all for a minute» (to warm up the car to take out garbage and so forth)
  • Rule fifth. After each washing manually wipe hands a mix from 1 tablespoon of glycerine and juice of 1 lemon (or do 15-minute trays in the cooled broth of potatoes)
  • Rule sixth. If you have a rough skin (it still call "goose"), do daily in the morning and in the evening a light massage by a soft brush with soapsuds.
  • Rule seventh. Do not forget that hands is not only brushes, but also elbows. That skin on elbows has not coarsened, it should be wiped daily a segment of a lemon and to grease with nutritious cream.
  • Rule eighth. Once a week surely do oil wrappings for hands. For this purpose hands should be washed up in warm water, to turn in the napkins moistened in warm olive oil and to put on from above thin woollen gloves. In 1 hour remove a wrapping, the remains of oil rub in skin, and then blot hands a dry napkin.

If you are not too lazy and literally «will take yourself in hands», in 5 days of such leaving will already give a hand for a kiss it is not a shame.

Mask in hands!

And what to do, if on visits of a Spa salon of time is not present, and already tomorrow you are waited by romantic appointment (or an important business meeting), and your handles should be on the ball? For this purpose there is a mass of express methods. And here it is necessary to remember old kind folk remedies which our grandmothers used still at the time of when the good cosmetics was deficiency.

Egg mask. Rub for the night in skin of hands a mix from 1 yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of an oat flour and put on fabric gloves. Morning of a hand become soft, amorshchinka will be smoothed. (It is very effective at growing old skin of hands).

Carrot mask. Rub 1 carrot on a small grater (or take the oil cake which has remained from carrot juice in a juice extractor), add 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Carefully mix, put on skin of hands and wash away in 15 minutes warm water.

Starched mask. Knead 2 potatoes welded in a uniform, add 50 grammes of milk and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Put on skin of hands, and in 15 minutes wash away warm water.

Olive mask. The simplest: it is necessary to grease hands with the olive oil which has been warmed up, but not begun to boil. Then to put on cotton gloves for the night. (Especially such mask will be useful to the sensitive and inflamed skin).

Honey mask. Mix 15 grammes of bee honey, 25 grammes of almond oil, 1 egg yolk and some drops of juice of a lemon. Put the turned-out mix on hands and put on for the night cotton gloves.

Also remember: action of any masks amplifies, if previously 2-3 minutes to take hands in hot water that they have steamed out.

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