How to get rid of cellulitis: we turn an orange-peel into a peachAbout that cellulitis is a cosmetic shortcoming against which it is necessary to fight, literally each woman today knows. Numerous salons offer mass of the procedures rescuing from "orange-peel" and "riding breeches". Independently to understand, how to get rid of cellulitis both what methods and preparations thus to use, quite difficult. However there is nothing impossible.

What occurs? Specialists physicians still prefer not to use the term "cellulitis", and to call the marked phenomenon «A ginoidny lipodistrofiya». The uniform view of this problem in medical community does not exist today, and many doctors at all do not consider cellulitis as a disease. Meanwhile, change of a fatty fabric specific to women which is accompanied by emergence of a melkobugristy surface of skin, a thing absolutely real and mentioning many women. Skin of a stomach, hips, buttocks, shoulders, lateral surfaces of a trunk more often suffers. It becomes relief and becomes covered by small hillocks and poles, elasticity considerably decreases. An essence that in above-mentioned zones normal blood circulation is broken and a lymph (intercellular lipids accumulate) that occurs against an insufficient food of local fabrics, a congestion of fat, weakening of capillaries and emergence of hypostases. Fatty cages start to be grouped in knots, provoking фиброз (consolidation) of fabrics. At this stage the effect of an orange-peel also becomes appreciable.

Four stages of manifestation of cellulitis:

  1. First stage. To see cellulitis at this stage, it is possible to compress, for example, hands hip skin. If hillocks and cavities thus are not visible, means everything is all right. If the orange-peel is appreciable, defect has already an effect. Here small loss of elasticity of the skin, which reason in a metabolic disorder is characteristic. Some experts recommend to clean from a smoked product diet, fats (especially cakes and pies), fried food (it is better to extinguish it) to drink not less than a litre of mineral water a day. From sweet it is possible to afford some segments of dark, bitter chocolate. Refuse alcohol and smoking, the most "true" friends of cellulitis.
  2. Second stage. During this moment cellulitis is appreciable with open years. Fatty cages are densely grouped, putting pressure upon lymphatic and blood vessels, and blood circulation is at a loss. Fibres of collagen harden in soyedinitelnotkanny матриксе a fatty fabric. The diet becomes ineffective, it is possible to try to visit once a week a sauna or a bath (if there are no contra-indications on health). Such measures will help a conclusion from an organism of superfluous liquid. A quite good way - regular anti-cellulite massage.
  3. Third stage. At this stage it is possible to speak about the started form of cellulitis. Hillocks and poles rough and deep. When pressing on skin there are traces dents, it loses elasticity and former sensitivity. Here it is necessary to use «heavy artillery»: power massage, electrolysis, липолиз, various wrappings in a compartment with a diet and physical exercises (simple jumps through a skipping rope are useful).
  4. Fourth stage. Skin of hips and buttocks reminds a porous sponge in consolidations and the spots similar to bruises. If the such has occurred, without the address to the expert not to manage any more. Here any doctor will not tell that you have no problems, after all violations of blood circulation are well appreciable.

So, now you know, what type of treatment is most effective on each of stages of development of the marked cosmetic defect. Having defined extent of violations, you without effort подберёте an optimum way of fight against them. The earlier you will be accepted for good reason - the it will be better result.

How to get rid of cellulitis?

  • Adhere to a diet into which fresh crude vegetables and fruit, and also a protein from nuts, seeds or soybeans enter.
  • Avoid the use of a bird and red meat, instead pay attention to fish.
  • Doctors advise to drink more liquid - to two litres a day. However avoid alcoholic beverages, Coca-Cola (and even dietary Coca-Cola), instant coffee (it irritates intestines and is "assistant" to cellulitis). And here green tea, on the contrary, especially well influences exchange processes, promoting decrease in function of oxidation.
  • Use cosmetics (cream, gels, peelings and srubs) with caffeine, compounds of silicon, vitamin A, various enzymes, essential oils, extracts гинго, an ivy, a tiger grass, a horse-chestnut and seaweed (a laminaria and a fucus). These components normalise a metabolism, increase elasticity of skin and split fats.
  • Against cellulitis run, skis, driving on a bicycle, swimming well help. Any physical activities are useful, after all they promote metabolism normalisation, reduce number of fatty deposits, help development with muscles of special substances эндоморфинов, improving microblood circulation in fabrics.
  • The daily contrast shower helps to improve blood circulation. Alternate water temperature, it will strengthen blood inflow to skin, will improve microcirculation and will strengthen a metabolism. However do not forget: too sharp change of cold with heat is superfluous load of heart, for the same reason it is not necessary to take a contrast shower right after a hot bath. Begin procedure with warm water, then be gradually switched on cold and mass the sites of a body subject to cellulitis, a strong stream of water of 10-15 seconds. After a shower well pound a body a towel.
  • Dry grindings by a brush - one of effective options of self-massage. Procedure raises a skin tone, stimulates work of lymphatic and blood system, promotes an otshelushivaniye of the died-off particles, doing skin silky and smooth. See off her before a shower, three times a week, using a brush on the long handle with a natural bristle.
  • Lymphatic drainage. On the areas of skin struck with cellulitis the electrodes stimulating reduction of muscles and by that accelerating process of a conclusion of toxins and products of splitting of fatty cellulose fasten.
  • Anti-cellulite massage. Those sites where cellulitis was formed, strenuously knead roundabouts, noticeably tap, stroke and sharply pound. It is not necessary to wait from such massage of pleasure and pleasure, but it is very effective.
  • If cellulitis has arisen owing to violations of hormonal activity of an organism, you can be helped by treatment by the preparations interfering development of typically female diseases by means of man's hormones. Such therapy, by itself, is carried out under strict control of the doctor.
  • Elektrolipoliz. Under skin of problem zones, directly in a tsellyulitny layer, are entered long (to 20 see) needles electrodes, conductors of a low-frequency current. Under its influence there is an electromagnetic field which forces cages to work actively, destroying thereby the hardened microsmall knots of a hypodermic fabric.
  • Vacuum massage. The cosmetician carries out procedure by means of the special device, cups for помпажа lymph nodes and zone processing of necessary sites of a body are used. The essence of a method is that vacuum artificially created in a certain capacity affects skin. Massage is made at the expense of alternation of the increased and lowered pressure of air in special aspirators («massage bells») which put to skin.
  • Thalassotherapy.

We do not advise to resort to the help of vibrotrenazher without consultation of the doctor as such occ
upations have a set of contra-indications. For example, nephritic patients after the described exercises risk to get from the sports hall straight on an operational table.

Why at cellulitis recommend cinnamon? The matter is that cinnamon contains a large number of antioxidants which, as we know, interfere with ageing of skin and, respectively, improve its condition. In addition, spice is rich with tannins and essential oils that causes toning, nutritious and recycling properties of this fragrant seasoning. Being based on these properties of spice, the French scientists have carried out researches of its efficiency in the field of fight against cellulitis. Results have appeared impressing: wrappings with cinnamon yield the same good results, as well as an intensive course of massage.

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