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How to get rid of cellulitis: we turn an orange-peel into a peachAbout that cellulitis is a cosmetic shortcoming against which it is necessary to fight, literally each woman today knows. Numerous salons offer mass of the procedures rescuing from "orange-peel" and "riding breeches". Independently to understand, how to get rid of cellulitis both what methods and preparations thus to use, quite difficult. However there is nothing impossible.

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How to keep youth of hands?The age of the woman is given out most of all by skin of a neck and hands which is subject to withering much quicker, than all other parts of a body. Unfortunately, a half of the female population of our country monthly spends considerable money for every possible rejuvenating face treatments, and in relation to the handles shows criminal indifference. And it is vain.

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How to get rid of pigmentary spotsThere is a popular belief that pigmentary spots appear only at women in pregnancy. But it does not represent the facts. Pigmentary spots or хлоазмы (from an armour. «chloasma») - represent limited hyper pigmentation of skin which arises because of the raised produtsirovaniye of a pigment of melanin. The reasons of their emergence can be various: from serious disorders of function of a liver, yaichnik, a hypophysis to an elementary lack of an organism Continue reading