From fat спасёт … fatThe portal reports that the Pentagon has offered scientists and businessmen to develop technology of change of cells of brown fat which promotes growing thin. «By estimates of military, 75 % of young Americans are too thick, sick or silly to serve in army», - authors of article declare. Having noticed that neither diets, nor fitness programs any more do not help soldiers to come to a due form, experts from the Pentagon have decided to allocate cages predecessors of a brown fatty fabric, and then to grow up from them a large amount of brown fat which will be implanted to patients and will help them to grow thin quickly. Efficiency of a technique and possible side effects are not defined yet, but the American military are full of enthusiasm.

The idea of the sluzhivy is not new, after all in 1551 the Swiss scientist Conrad Gessner has found a special version of fat which, according to the scientist, represented something average between fat and a flesh. This fabric burns calories (to 250 calories in three hours) and spends energy to support normal body temperature of newborns, rodents and the animals running into hibernation. Brown fat is saturated blood vessels and mitochondrions that does it by the ideal tool for such work. Trouble that in an organism of the adult person of brown fat is few. Many decades scientists without results (meanwhile) try to force to start again bodies of people to develop so useful cages.

Last year experts from Institute of medical researches of Sanford-Burkhema in Florida have found a hormone орексин by means of which it was possible to prevent development of obesity in laboratory mice. This hormone activated strengthened effect of brown fat. The project of the Ember Therapeutics company which tries to create the preparation turning white fat into the brown is known also.

In the light of everything told easy to notice that the American military only want to approach to a solution from the new party and to transplant brown fatty cages directly to a white fatty fabric of the person, to start process of burning of calories. Whether it will be possible to them while it is not known, but already now it is possible to tell with confidence that successful use of brown fat will make revolution in obesity treatment.

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