The small breast protects from diabetesScientists from the Harward university and Toronto University in Canada have carried out research to the USA with participation of 92 106 women and have found out that those from them who possessed a breast from the third size (a cup of D) and more, three times fell ill with diabetes 2 types, than girls with the zero size (a cup And) more often. Each of ladies has undergone procedure of measurement of a breast at 20-year age then experts watched over health of the wards and fixed cases of diabetes. Among owners of the sizes of a bust In and About risk of this disease increased, respectively, by 32 % and 71 % in comparison with girls with a breast And, and women with a size D had diabetes for 58 % more often than ladies with the zero.
In 2011 the Cosmopolitan magazine already published similar news in which it was reported that pyshnogrudy young ladies suffer from diabetes for 40-60 % more often than girls with an average or small breast. Besides, affirmed that fat on hips and a bottom is extremely useful to a female organism. According to scientists, it is capable to protect women from diabetes of the second type.
The Canadian experts note that surplus of a fatty fabric increases stability of cages to insulin. According to professor Dzhoyel Ray, the most important how the breast of the girl develops in the puberty period. ¬ęPubertatny the period is connected with insulinorezistentnost increase - conditions at which the body does not absorb glucose properly, lifting sugar level in blood. And it also is a harbinger of emergence of diabetes 2 types¬Ľ, - it explains. At healthy teenagers the insulinorezistentnost disappears at once upon termination of the puberty period. At girls with a magnificent breast this condition remains, increasing risk of development of a disease at advanced age.

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