Breakfast to weight not hindranceThe known saying that the breakfast should be eaten most instead of to leave to the companion has received one more scientific confirmation. As reports, 7 % from 200 interrogated women forĀ one reason or another pass a breakfast. More than 40 % of women at the age of 18-24 years have not breakfast a minimum of times a week, thus every second woman passes the main food intake, at least, once a week, was established by experts from Newspoll agency.

Correctness of such approach to maintenance of an ideal figure the professor makes comments on Clare Collins from the Australian association of dieticians: "Some women believe that, passing food intake, can grow thin. But it not so. Refusing a breakfast, we lose some important nutrients, breaking a metabolism".

In the same age group every fifth woman had excess weight, and in 15 % of cases obesity was diagnosed. Also researchers have established: 60 % of respondents for last year tried to grow thin. And every third woman admitted that constantly undertake attempts to dump weight.

In turn, earlier carried out researches have proved: the people passing a breakfast, then during the day overeat more often, as a result gaining weight. This diet still negatively influenced reaction and memory.

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