Life with the mother-in-law under one roof badly influences a potentialityJokes about harm of the mother-in-law for the man have unexpectedly found scientific confirmation. The American sexopathologists have established that, living in one house with the mother-in-law, the man can have problems with health: from disturbing conditions before decrease in a potentiality.

Scientists from Michigan institute of morphology of the person surveyed 1000 men how they have married. At 70 % of participants of experiment after they have married, indicators of health became several times better, and at 30 %, on the contrary, have worsened. And, besides other contributing factors of risk, men from the second group were united by one: all of them lived together with mothers of the wives.

Researchers have entitled this phenomenon «a syndrome of the mother-in-law», giving reason for its emergence so: even at the favourable relations to the mother-in-law men at subconscious level have «a conflict of two dominating persons» that leads to psychological problems.


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