Ability of people to distinguish taste of fat is defined by options of one geneNot so long ago the Australian scientists from Dikin's University have proved that people to taste of fat eat fat food with high sensitivity less and consequently suffer from excess weight less often.

Their colleagues from the Washington university in Saint Louis have gone further: have revealed existence of the special gene, helping to distinguish taste of fat. This gene codes the CD36 protein being in flavouring nipples of language. And at people who are more susceptible to taste of fat, CD36 protein it is synthesised more.

To reveal this regularity simple experiment participation in which have accepted 21 persons, suffering obesity has helped. Thus at one high level of CD36 protein, at others - average, and at the third - low was observed.

To all participants of research have suggested to define on taste contents of three cups. And in order that they could not see colour of that try and to hear its smell, to them have put on special caps for a nose and have blindfolded. In one cup there was a nonvolatile oil, in two others - liquids, on a structure similar to oil, but not containing fat.

As a result only tested from high uroveny CD36 protein, unmistakably and quickly found fat-containing liquid.

Source: Journal of Lipid Research.

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