Multiple sclerosis - not autoimmune pathology?Multiple sclerosis, long time being considered as an autoimmune disease, according to the anthropologist from College of criminal law of John Jay (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) of professor Angelique Kortals (Angelique Corthals) has much in common with atherosclerosis of coronary arteries and with bigger probability is violation of a fatty exchange, than an illness of immune system, reports Eurekalert!

"If to consider multiple sclerosis as an exchange disease, it is possible to explain its many mysterious aspects, in particular, why it strikes women, than men and why the quantity of cases of multiple sclerosis" around the world increases more, - notes Kortals.

The reason of emergence of multiple sclerosis precisely is not found out. Today the autoimmune theory according to which the immune system of the patient for any reason starts to develop the antibodies striking own cages of an organism (a cage of a myelin layer) is standard.

Multiple sclerosis - a chronic disease at which the myelin cover of nervous fibres of a head and spinal cord is surprised. Thus on white substance of a brain the characteristic centres destructions (demiyelinizatsiya), or, plaques of multiple sclerosis which interfere with passing of a nervous impulse and, as a result, normal activity of an organism are formed.

According to professor Kortals, the prime cause of multiple sclerosis can disappear in a cellular kernel, in albuminous factors of a transcription which supervise absorption, splitting, and also a conclusion from an organism of lipids (fats and zhiropodobny connections). Failure in work of these proteins (they are called the receptors activated by a factor of a proliferatsiya peroksisy, Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors, PPARs) leads to formation of sclerous plaques from toxic derivatives of "bad" cholesterol - oxidised липопротеидов low density.

The congestion of such plaques, in turn, starts immune reaction which inevitably leads to formation of hems on a myelin layer. "The same occurs at atherosclerosis development", - notes Kortals.

According to professor Kortals, a hypothesis of violation of a lipidny exchange it is possible to explain and that fact that drugs for fall of level of cholesterol, статины, have shown the efficiency in tests on patients with multiple sclerosis.

With multiple sclerosis in the world are sick 1 million 300 thousand people.

The hypothesis of professor Kortals is published in December issue of the quarterly The Quarterly Review of Biology edition.


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