Scientists have explained, pleasantly why to be scratchedScientists from University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota), the USA, have explained, why the chesaniye eliminates feeling of an itch. It appears, the chesaniye blocks nervous cages which transmit in a brain signals about an itch in a spinal cord. However, this effect is observed only during an itch, reports BBC News.

Still physiological mechanisms of elimination of an itch after a chesaniye the scientist were obscure. During the previous researches it has been established that the key role in this process is played by a special part of a spinal cord - a spinobugorny way. Experiments have shown that nervous cages on this site become more active, when the substances causing an itch are put on skin.

The last research which was carried out on primacies, has shown that the skin chesaniye during an itch blocks activity of nervous cages in a spinobugorny way, preventing thereby signalling from a zone of itching skin in a brain. According to experts, this opening will help to develop the techniques allowing effectively to eliminate a chronic itch. These techniques can be based on use of mechanical irritants or the drugs suppressing neurons in a spinal cord.

In 2007 scientists of the Chinese university in Hong Kong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) have allocated two steroids of blood - a neurotrophic factor of a brain (brain-derived neurotrophic factor/BDNF), and Ā«substance of RĀ» (substance P) which are at the bottom of eczema. From eczema, - inflammations of blankets of skin of the neuroallergic nature, - every tenth child and 1-2 % of all adult inhabitants of Earth suffers today. Skin at eczema becomes dry, and the person tests an intolerable itch, combing itself till it bleeds.


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