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Scientists have explained, pleasantly why to be scratchedScientists from University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota), the USA, have explained, why the chesaniye eliminates feeling of an itch. It appears, the chesaniye blocks nervous cages which transmit in a brain signals about an itch in a spinal cord. However, this effect is observed only during an itch, reports BBC News.

Still physiological mechanisms of elimination of an itch after a chesaniye the scientist were obscure. During the previous Continue reading

is carried out

Unique operation on change of the bottom jawThe Belgian doctors in common with the colleagues from the Netherlands have put for the first time into practice revolutionary technology on change of the bottom jaw to the elderly patient suffering from a chronic bone infection.

For manufacturing of an implant the three-dimensional medical scanner by means of which "have printed" some thousands the thinnest metal слоёв from a titanic powder has been used. Then them have Continue reading

In the USA have invented a vaccine from heroin dependenceThe American scientists from San Diego have officially declared creation of a vaccine which can relieve of heroin dependence.

After its application drug is blocked by immune system and does not get to a brain.

The course of a vaktsinirovaniye leads to that the person ceases to feel effect from drug, and it does its reception senseless.

The developer of a vaccine doctor Dzhanda emphasises that the substance which has laid down in a vaccine Continue reading

Cells of skin have turned into cells of a brain for one stageScientists of Stenfordsky university have published article in which transformation of cells of skin of a mouse directly in cages predecessors nervous which represent three main types of cages in the central nervous system is described in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS): neurons, астроциты and олигодендроциты, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News reports.

Researchers thus managed to bypass an intermediate stage of Continue reading

Multiple sclerosis - not autoimmune pathology?Multiple sclerosis, long time being considered as an autoimmune disease, according to the anthropologist from College of criminal law of John Jay (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) of professor Angelique Kortals (Angelique Corthals) has much in common with atherosclerosis of coronary arteries and with bigger probability is violation of a fatty exchange, than an illness of immune system, reports Eurekalert!

"If to consider multiple sclerosis Continue reading