Black raspberry against a cancer of intestinesThe American scientists from Ohio university have found the substances considerably reducing risk of emergence of a cancer of a straight line and a thick gut in a special grade of ezhevikoobrazny raspberry.

Researchers have made experiment with participation of genetically modified mice predisposed to a cancer of intestines. Within 12 weeks them fed with food harmful to intestines with low level of calcium and vitamin D and the high content of saturated fats. And other part of rodents received in addition to it the frozen berries of ezhevikoobrazny raspberry in the form of a powder.

As a result: at animals from the second group, predisposed to intestines tumours raspberry reduced quantity of tumours for 60 %. By words the scientist, it can be connected with suppression of effect of protein which is attached to the genes connected with a cancer of intestines.

Unfortunately, black raspberry is less popular, than usual. Though exactly thanks to a dark thin skin, it contains bigger quantity of the substances possessing antioxidizing, anticarcinogenic, neurodegenerate and anti-inflammatory properties.

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