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Black raspberry against a cancer of intestinesThe American scientists from Ohio university have found the substances considerably reducing risk of emergence of a cancer of a straight line and a thick gut in a special grade of ezhevikoobrazny raspberry.

Researchers have made experiment with participation of genetically modified mice predisposed to a cancer of intestines. Within 12 weeks them fed with food harmful to intestines with low level of calcium and vitamin D and the high content of Continue reading

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The reason of long and futile search lost houses of propheticThe Canadian scientists investigated often meeting phenomenon «I look for, and I can not find», and have drawn a conclusion that its roots lie in discrepancy of speeds of the impellent system which is responsible for search of the gone thing, and perceiving departments of a brain, reports

You are late for work and cannot find keys. You feverishly rummage things, without managing to realise, what exactly you see in the Continue reading