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How to get rid of cellulitis: we turn an orange-peel into a peachAbout that cellulitis is a cosmetic shortcoming against which it is necessary to fight, literally each woman today knows. Numerous salons offer mass of the procedures rescuing from "orange-peel" and "riding breeches". Independently to understand, how to get rid of cellulitis both what methods and preparations thus to use, quite difficult. However there is nothing impossible.

What occurs? Specialists physicians still prefer Continue reading

How to keep youth of hands?The age of the woman is given out most of all by skin of a neck and hands which is subject to withering much quicker, than all other parts of a body. Unfortunately, a half of the female population of our country monthly spends considerable money for every possible rejuvenating face treatments, and in relation to the handles shows criminal indifference. And it is vain.

Eczema and not only …

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How to get rid of pigmentary spotsThere is a popular belief that pigmentary spots appear only at women in pregnancy. But it does not represent the facts. Pigmentary spots or хлоазмы (from an armour. «chloasma») - represent limited hyper pigmentation of skin which arises because of the raised produtsirovaniye of a pigment of melanin. The reasons of their emergence can be various: from serious disorders of function of a liver, yaichnik, a hypophysis to an elementary lack of an organism Continue reading

Breakfast to weight not hindranceThe known saying that the breakfast should be eaten most instead of to leave to the companion has received one more scientific confirmation. As reports, 7 % from 200 interrogated women for one reason or another pass a breakfast. More than 40 % of women at the age of 18-24 years have not breakfast a minimum of times a week, thus every second woman passes the main food intake, at least, once a week, was established by experts from Newspoll Continue reading

From fat спасёт … fatThe portal reports that the Pentagon has offered scientists and businessmen to develop technology of change of cells of brown fat which promotes growing thin. «By estimates of military, 75 % of young Americans are too thick, sick or silly to serve in army», - authors of article declare. Having noticed that neither diets, nor fitness programs any more do not help soldiers to come to a due form, experts from the Pentagon have decided to Continue reading

Ability of people to distinguish taste of fat is defined by options of one geneNot so long ago the Australian scientists from Dikin's University have proved that people to taste of fat eat fat food with high sensitivity less and consequently suffer from excess weight less often.

Their colleagues from the Washington university in Saint Louis have gone further: have revealed existence of the special gene, helping to distinguish taste of fat. This gene codes the CD36 protein being in flavouring nipples of language. And at people Continue reading

Chilli pepper will soon replace an anaesthesiaSuch assumption was put forward by the American scientists from the Massachusetts hospital. They have suggested to use as local anaesthesia (for example, in stomatology) Chile hot pepper as the substance капсаицин, giving to it a sharpness, possesses soothing property.

Kapsaitsin is interesting to that influences only the nervous cages which are responsible for feeling of pain, without paralysing thus the neurons which are responsible for movement Continue reading

The small breast protects from diabetesScientists from the Harward university and Toronto University in Canada have carried out research to the USA with participation of 92 106 women and have found out that those from them who possessed a breast from the third size (a cup of D) and more, three times fell ill with diabetes 2 types, than girls with the zero size (a cup And) more often. Each of ladies has undergone procedure of measurement of a breast at 20-year age then experts watched Continue reading

Scientists have explained, pleasantly why to be scratchedScientists from University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota), the USA, have explained, why the chesaniye eliminates feeling of an itch. It appears, the chesaniye blocks nervous cages which transmit in a brain signals about an itch in a spinal cord. However, this effect is observed only during an itch, reports BBC News.

Still physiological mechanisms of elimination of an itch after a chesaniye the scientist were obscure. During the previous Continue reading

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Unique operation on change of the bottom jawThe Belgian doctors in common with the colleagues from the Netherlands have put for the first time into practice revolutionary technology on change of the bottom jaw to the elderly patient suffering from a chronic bone infection.

For manufacturing of an implant the three-dimensional medical scanner by means of which "have printed" some thousands the thinnest metal слоёв from a titanic powder has been used. Then them have Continue reading