Eat sweets in the mornings!Thanks to research of scientists from University of Tel Aviv sweet teeth had a new reason for pleasure - with it have officially allowed to eat chocolate pies and other confectionery for a breakfast. It has appeared, such diet does not harm to a waist, and, on the contrary, does it even more harmonous and attractive.

The essence of research consisted in the following: experts have invited 193 persons with the expressed obesity and, at the same time, without the diabetes diagnosis. Participants have divided into two groups. To the first offered a low-carbohydrate breakfast (300 calories), the second - the balanced breakfast (600 calories) in which menu the chocolate dessert or a pie has been included. Research was carried out within 32 weeks. In 16 weeks stout representatives of both groups have lost, on the average, on 15 kgs everyone. However in 16 weeks those who sat on a morning low-carbohydrate diet, have gathered again on 10 kgs while fans of cakes have lost still approximately on 7 kgs on the person. As a result, in 32 weeks participants from the second group have lost on 20 kgs more than people from the first.

All the matter is that in the morning (till 12-13 o'clock on midday) speed of a metabolism in an organism the highest. Then this process is slowed down and by the evening comes to the lowest indicators. The organism starts to burn ever less calories, and "surpluses" are postponed in the form of a fatty fabric. Besides, the chocolate pie which has become a part of your breakfast, throughout day suppresses development of a hormone of hunger - грелина. It means that you will be not not pursued by desire to arrange "sweet" перекус at an inopportune time. Otherwise, scientists ascertain, attempt limit in sweets can to create psychological dependence on them in long-term prospect. So Blame Down it was absolutely right: «Who visits in the mornings - that arrives wisely».

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